"My Husband Turned Blue to Gray": Wife in Shock Over the One Drink That Killed Her Husband: Share This Warning!
Kelsey Straeter
Dec 6, 2018

“His exact words were, ‘people drinking these drinks are playing Russian Roulette with their lives.’” – Cassondra Reynolds

Cassondra Reynolds’ life was forever changed on what should have been a typical Saturday morning in February of 2011.

Instead, the alarmed wife awoke to John, her husband of 10 years, going into cardiac arrest in their bed.

Cassondra heard her 41-year-old husband gasping for air, and all she could think was, “Is this actually happening?” He was incredibly fit, worked out daily, and a thorough physical one month prior reflected he was healthy as could be.

Though she was in recovery from back surgery, she knew she had to manage to get her husband to the floor to attempt CPR, which she had no experience in doing.

“As I watched my husband turn blue to gray I cried to God to PLEASE not take my husband!” Cassondra wrote to Love What Matters. “I begged him not to leave me and the boys and told him how much we love him and need him.”

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