We Parents Are Responsible for Our Children's Health: Starting in the Womb!
Dr. Corinne Weaver
Dec 20, 2017

"Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future." — John F. Kennedy

A Personal Introduction

[DrCorinneWeaver.com] Today marks my 2nd child's birthday. She is known as my middle one. She is now 11 and always has been my most rambunctious child. We still have our crazy "Cora" moments but, then again, life is challenging. My wish for her is that she would have a desire to learn. More than simply gaining knowledge, I pray all my children have a deep hunger for the eternal truths of God's Word. (Photo Credit: Dr. Corinne Weaver)

Luke 2:52: And Jesus increased in wisdom.

I have always had a passion to learn, and each day I challenge myself to learn something new. When I was able to breathe again without medication I had a new zest in my step of life. My first desire was to raise healthy kids without depending on medication. Being a chiropractor, I have always checked their nervous system first to make sure they are clear from subluxations. Then I would use natural remedies and a diet full of antioxidants to keep them healthy.

Prevention is key!!

I have created a few online programs. One being No More Meds for Kids: Healthy Solutions. If your child or grandchild needs this information you can share this link with them.

This program was designed to help parents be Super Parents by helping their children stay healthy without the constant need for new medication.

With children, it is important to help their bodies build their immune system while they are young, so that as they grow, their immune system will grow also. Let us help you make your children strong and healthy!! (Photo Credit: Flickr)

My sister just announced her first pregnancy, so I'd like to share some pregnancy tips. Whether it is your first pregnancy, your third pregnancy, or you are trying to get pregnant, nothing is more important for you at this time in your life than you and your baby's health.

Of course, there is an abundance of information out there from books, magazines, articles, and the internet can be helpful guides to follow for a healthy pregnancy. But at times you may find that they contradict each other or realize it is just a sales pitch. So where do you go for the most accurate information on how to eat right, take the correct supplements, and avoid potential toxicities? Nothing tells you the truth more than your own individualized testing. Before you start any supplement program it is important to get tested properly by an experienced nutritionist. However, there are some main guidelines -- that every pregnant woman should follow -- which are mostly agreed upon by both the medical community and the holistic approaches. Let's take a further look into the appropriate nutrients:

High Potency Multiple with Iron

When purchasing a Multiple Vitamin look at the other ingredients at the bottom of the label. Are there artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, saccharin or sucralose? Are there artificial colors or dyes such as FD&C blue #1 or yellow #6? How about artificial preservatives? If it contains any of these ingredients, put it back on the shelf. Acceptable sweeteners are sucrose, fructose, stevia or xylitol. Monitor yourself for a few days when you start to take a new MVM. If you have stomach upset, it could be the sweetener being used.

Remember that a supplement is not a substitution for eating healthy foods nor is it a replacement for foods. It is, in fact, to enhance the quality of your food and correct nutritional deficiencies caused by years of suboptimal eating and environmental exposures. Take your Multiple Vitamin with meals to avoid upset stomach.

Iron is included in Multiple Vitamins for the prevention of anemia and can be significant for mothers who are deficient. Anemia during pregnancy is especially a concern because it is associated with low birth weight, premature birth and maternal mortality.1 Pregnant women are at higher risk for developing anemia during pregnancy because the body produces and excess amount of blood to help provide nutrients to the baby. Types of anemia during pregnancy include:

  • Iron deficiency (accounts for 15% to 25%)
  • Folate deficiency
  • Methyl B12 deficiency

Before you purchase your Multiple Vitamin with Iron you want to check your Iron and Ferritin levels first. You can do this with a simple blood test. Ferritin, your back-up supply for Serum Iron, can have a tendency to be too high in individuals. These women may not need Iron.

Omega 3's

The part of the brain that Omega-3 affects is the part controlling learning ability, anxiety/depression, and auditory and visual perception. The Omega-3 fats are necessary for the complete development of the human brain during pregnancy and the first two years of life. 2 John Finnegan, an experienced nutrition consultant and author of The Facts About Fats, explains that DHA, Omega 3's derivative, is so essential to a child's development that if a mother and infant are deficient in it, the child's nervous system and immune system may never fully develop, and it can cause a lifetime of unexplained emotional, learning, and immune system disorders.2 Foods that are rich in Omega 3's are healthy fatty foods such as avocado, nuts, seeds, nut butter, olive oil, coconut oil, and fish. You can supplement with an Omega 3 at 1000-2000 mg/day. (Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

One of the number one things to avoid on every list for pregnant women is fish with high levels of mercury. The American Pregnancy Association advises that mercury be avoided due to it being linked to developmental delays and brain damage.1 Even the conservative FDA has warned that women should avoid most fish during pregnancy.3 A sample of these types of fish include: shark, swordfish, king mackerel, and tilefish. Canned, chunk light tuna generally has a lower amount of mercury than other tuna, but can be eaten in moderation (no more than 6 ounces per week). Salmon, Tilapia, and Cod are also types of fish that are lower in mercury levels. Avoid fish that is farm raised and opt for fresh water fish. It may be a bit more expensive but it is worth it to avoid fish exposed to industrial pollutants. Make sure that the fish is cooked thoroughly and avoid eating it raw.


Your immune system is naturally suppressed when you are pregnant because your baby is foreign to your body. This makes the mother more susceptible to colds, the flu, and other bacterial or viral diseases. Vitamin C is vital to the immune system and is a powerful weapon when it comes to tissue repair, bone growth and cell protection. It will stimulate collagen production which is a protein important for connective tissues.

  • Lack of vitamin C has been linked to premature deliveries and preeclampsia.4
  • Vitamin C can help protect against toxic effects of Mercury and further DNA damage 5
  • Eat fresh citrus fruits and vegetables that contain Vitamin C such as oranges, grapefruit, cantaloupe, sweet red peppers and broccoli.
  • One can safely consume 2000 mg/day of Vitamin C as a supplement.

Zinc is a trace mineral that is important for fetal growth. The requirement of zinc during the third trimester is approximately twice as high as that in non-pregnant women.6 Zinc deficiency has been associated with preeclampsia since the 1980's. However, studies have shown that the fetus has notably higher zinc concentrations compared to the mother, indicating that the fetus, itself, can maintain adequate zinc homeostasis.6

Selenium is important for early stages of embryonic development and protection of membranes and DNA.6 Also, selenium concentrations may be a potential factor in women at risk of preeclampsia.


It is wise for pregnant women to take a methyl B-Complex vitamin. This complex consists of the 8 B-Vitamins. Each of these vitamins are vital for many structures and functions of both the mother and the fetus. These include:

  • Muscle, nerve, and brain development of the fetus
  • DNA synthesis
  • Circulation
  • Hormones
  • Cholesterol
  • Morning sickness7

Vitamin D

According to the American College of Obstetrician and Gynecologists, women who are most at risk for Vitamin D deficiency includes vegetarians, women with limited sun exposure and ethnic minorities, especially those with darker skin.

Research concludes that Vitamin D supplementation at 4,000 IU per day for pregnant women was safe and most effective in achieving sufficiency in all women and their fetus regardless of race.8

It is unlikely that your multiple vitamin has enough D3 in it. The Vitamin D should be D3 or cholecalciferol. It should not be the synthetic form D2 or ergocalciferol. You can easily check your Vitamin D levels through a 25-hydroxyvitamin D blood test.

Get Tested First!

Before you start any supplement program it is important to get tested properly. By getting a comprehensive blood panel and tissue mineral analysis performed by an experienced nutritionist, an individualized program can be compiled for you to prepare you and your baby for the healthiest pregnancy possible. Don't guess at what you may or may not need. You can take the guesswork out by getting tested objectively. Pregnancy should be a joyful time in your life. You want to feel the best possible. Don't let time pass you by; just ask us today on how to get started!

I hope my column speaks to you and you can wake up each morning with a purpose. What I do every day is a calling, and I give God the glory for allowing His gifts to work through me. I do believe in miracles, because I get to see them every day! If you would like to contact me with your health concerns email me directly at Dr@drcorinneweaver.com. For more information, you can go to www.DrCorinneWeaver.com.

Keep Breathing,
Dr. Corinne Weaver

Email: Dr@DrCorinneWeaver.com
Website: www.DrCorinneWeaver.com

Dr. Corinne Weaver is a compassionate upper cervical chiropractor, educator, motivational speaker, mother of three, and internationally bestselling author. In 2004, she founded the Upper Cervical Wellness Center in Indian Trail, North Carolina. Over the last 13 years, she has helped thousands of clients restore their brain to-body function. When she was 10 years old, she lost her own health as the result of a bike accident that led to having asthma and allergy issues that she thought she would always have to endure. Then, after her first upper cervical adjustment at age 21, her health began to improve thanks to upper cervical care and natural herbal remedies. This enabled her to create a drug-free wellness lifestyle for herself and her family, and she also enthusiastically discovered her calling to help children heal naturally.

Dr. Weaver was recently named one of Charlotte Magazine's "Top Doctors" in 2016 and is now a number-one internationally bestselling author to two books: Learning How to Breathe and No More Meds.

Upper Cervical Wellness Center is known for finding the root cause of health concerns through lifestyle changes, diagnostic testing, nutraceutical supplementation, and correction of subluxation (as opposed to just medicating the symptoms). The practice offers cutting-edge technological care at its state-of-the-art facility including laser-aligned upper cervical X-rays, bioimpedance analysis (measures body composition), digital thermography (locates thermal abnormalities characterized by skin inflammation), and complete nutritional blood analysis, which is focused on disease prevention.


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