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"The Findings Shook Us": Link Between Refined Dietary Fiber, Gut Bacteria and Liver Cancer FoundTyrel LinkhornOct 23, 2018
The Missing Super-Food Group: We're Starving for ItDr. Al SearsOct 23, 2018
Green Colored Filter Can Help Dyslexic Children Read BetterNews StaffOct 23, 2018
What Causes Neck Pain and How to Treat ItLynn AllisonOct 22, 2018
Probiotics and Antibiotics Create a "Killer Combination"News StaffOct 22, 2018
Drink Rosemary Water and Improve Your Memory Up to 15 PercentNews StaffOct 22, 2018
The Popular Diet That's Dangerous for People with DiabetesLynn AllisonOct 19, 2018
This Christian Doctor's Proven Prescription for Stress: Pray! Dr. Don ColbertOct 19, 2018
5 Natural Ways to Avoid Loose Skin After Weight LossDr. Don ColbertOct 19, 2018
Recovering from a Heart Attack? Hold the AntibioticsTerry DevittOct 18, 2018
Turkey Tail Mushrooms: The Disease-Fighting, Immune-Boosting FungusDr. Josh AxeOct 18, 2018
Overcoming InfertilityDr. Corinne WeaverOct 18, 2018
Meet "Moses": The Game-Changing New Device to Urine-Stone Shoshanna SolomonOct 17, 2018
Israelis with "Chutzpah" Develop Breakthrough Tool That Lights Up Cancer CellsOren PelegOct 17, 2018
President Trump Signs Bill to Help Patients Stop Overpaying for DrugsNews StaffOct 17, 2018
Breakthrough Blood Test Detects Early Lung Cancer When Surgery is Still PossibleNews StaffOct 17, 2018
10 Superfoods for People Over 50Lynn AllisonOct 16, 2018
Ground Beef Has Been Making People Sick: Here's Why and What You Can Do About ItJesse HirschOct 16, 2018
6 Things You Can Do to Prevent a StrokeLynn AllisonOct 16, 2018
Caution: Too Much Vitamin A May INCREASE Risk of Broken BonesNews StaffOct 15, 2018
Big Families = Reduced Cancer RiskNews StaffOct 15, 2018
Heavy Metals in Baby Food: Here's What You Need to KnowJesse HirschOct 15, 2018
How To: Get Rid Of Dark Spots And Uneven Skin TonesPaid AdvertisementOct 14, 2018
At 107, World's Oldest Barber Works Full-Time, Has All His Own Teeth and No Aches or PainsCorey KilgannonOct 12, 2018
For Blood Thinning, Raw Onions and Garlic or Cooked?Dr. Michael GregerOct 12, 2018
ALERT: Polio-Like Illness Strikes 6 Children in MinnesotaZoe PapadakisOct 12, 2018
Vitamin B12 Benefits That You're Probably MissingChristine Ruggeri via Dr. Josh AxeOct 12, 2018
Undercover Academics Prove Bias: Multiple FAKE Research Papers on Gender and Feminism Were Published as Truth!Calvin FreiburgerOct 11, 2018
Alzheimer's Disease and the Copper ConnectionDr. Michael GregerOct 11, 2018
Happiness is Healing, But Not Always Easy to Achieve: Try These Practical Tips Dr. Corinne WeaverOct 11, 2018
10 Tips to Understanding Fungal Infections and What to Do to Stay HealthyNews StaffOct 10, 2018
"Big Surprise!" Periodontal Disease Bacteria Can Kick-Start Alzheimer'sNews StaffOct 10, 2018
New Surgery Uses Baby's Umbilical Stem Cells to Repair Cleft PalateNews StaffOct 10, 2018
The Shocking Truth About Himalayan Pink Salt vs. Sea SaltDr. Don ColbertOct 9, 2018
New Confirmation: Artificial Sweeteners are Destroying Your GutAbigail Klein LeichmanOct 9, 2018
3D-Printed Artificial Lung Could Revolutionize Treatment of Veterans with Lung Disease and Ultimately General PopulationNews StaffOct 9, 2018
It's True and It's Serious: Cherish Your Desire to Live Because If You "Give Up the Fight" You Will DieNews StaffOct 8, 2018
Diets That Beat Depression and AnxietyLynn AllisonOct 8, 2018
How to Protect Yourself From a Medical Data Breach and Avoid a DisasterLauren F. FriedmanOct 8, 2018
"Kiss of Death": Infants are Being Infected with Herpes via Cold SoresZoe PapadakisOct 5, 2018
10 Natural Way to Beat Colds and FluLynn AllisonOct 5, 2018
Widespread Inflammation Found in the Brains of Fibromyalgia PatientsNews StaffOct 5, 2018
How to Reverse Type 2 DiabetesDr. Michael GregerOct 4, 2018
Cut Down on Your Kids' Daily Screen-time to Boost Brain FunctionSally Robertson, BScOct 4, 2018
The Pursuit and Perils of Perfectionism and How to Let Go for a Healthier You Dr. Corinne WeaverOct 4, 2018
What! Boys More Likely Than Girls to be Victims of Teen Dating Violence: "Troubling Gender-Related Trend"Terra MarquetteOct 3, 2018
New Warning: Some Canned Tuna Low on Omega-3, High in MercuryLynn AllisonOct 3, 2018
Hospital Chaplain Reveals The Top 5 Things to Know if You're Trying to Comfort a Cancer PatientLorie JohnsonOct 3, 2018
Researchers to Build 3D Map of Human Cells and TissuesSally Robertson, BScOct 2, 2018
How to Stop Prediabetes From Becoming Diabetes - Without DrugsLynn AllisonOct 2, 2018
How I Stopped Binge Eating and Started LivingBrynn Johnson via Dr. Josh AxeOct 2, 2018
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