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The Dark Side of Wonder Drugs: Linking Depression, Suicide and Prescription DrugsLorie JohnsonAug 22, 2018
These Eye Drops May Allow You to Chuck Your Glasses... and Contact Lenses!Abigail Klein LeichmanAug 22, 2018
The Doctor is Out? Why Physicians are Leaving Their Practices to Pursue Other CareersNicole SpectorAug 22, 2018
10 Smart Sodium Smarts for a Healthy HeartLynn AllisonAug 22, 2018
Actress Reveals Trick To Feel Years YoungerPaid AdvertisementAug 22, 2018
6 Proven Diatomaceous Earth Uses and BenefitsDr. Josh AxeAug 21, 2018
Sweet Summer Treats Diabetics Can EnjoyLynn AllisonAug 21, 2018
Eat Breakfast! It Burns More Carbs During Exercise and Accelerates Metabolism for Next MealNews StaffAug 21, 2018
Reduce These Acid-Forming Proteins to Protect Kidney FunctionDr. Michael GregerAug 20, 2018
Parents' Religious Beliefs May Affect Kid's Suicide RiskNews StaffAug 20, 2018
Natural Plant-Based Food Preservative DiscoveredNews StaffAug 20, 2018
How to Grow Fresh Air and With Just These 3 Plants!Kamal MeattleAug 20, 2018
The Revolution That's about to Transform Blood TestingAbigail Klein LeichmanAug 17, 2018
Can Eating Avocados Help Prevent Breast Cancer?Dr. Veronique DesaulniersAug 17, 2018
Don't Chase the Symptoms of Thyroid Disease: Get to the Bottom of It! - Part 2Dr. Corinne WeaverAug 17, 2018
Blood Test Could Detect Deadly Kidney Cancer up to 5 Years Early When It's TreatableNews StaffAug 16, 2018
"Beauty Sick": Plastic Surgeons Warn of Devastating Consequences of Teens Seeking Perfect ImageWill MauleAug 16, 2018
6 DEET Dangers: Here are Some Safer, Science-Backed SwapsDr. Josh AxeAug 16, 2018
Glaucoma an Autoimmune Disease? News StaffAug 15, 2018
7 Proven Benefits of Quercetin, and #1 is INCREDIBLE!Dr. Josh AxeAug 15, 2018
Dr. Oz: Metabolic Flexibility Crucial to Improving Your HealthDrs. Oz & RoizenAug 15, 2018
Timing is Everything: The Sun Should Not Set Twice Before Hip Fracture RepairNews StaffAug 14, 2018
Monsanto Found Guilty of Causing Man's Cancer: Acted With "Malice or Oppression"Sam Levin and Patrick Greenfield Aug 14, 2018
Alzheimer's, Down Syndrome Share a Chromosome 21 LinkZoe PapadakisAug 14, 2018
Epilepsy Cure from Tarantulas? News StaffAug 13, 2018
Cannabis Should be Part of Medical Arsenal, "Like Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen," Urges Israel ResearchersTerra MarquetteAug 13, 2018
10 Worst Foods for Your Metabolism Lynn AllisonAug 13, 2018
Breaking! Good News for Contact Sports Players: Long-Term Cognitive Impairment NOT Common as Many AssumeNews StaffAug 10, 2018
Eating CRICKETS Found to be Good for Your Gut and Reduces InflammationKelly April TyrrellAug 10, 2018
Home Cleaning Products Bombshell: Exposure Equivalent to Smoking 20 Cigarettes a DayDr. Josh AxeAug 10, 2018
How to Protect Yourself Against MRSALynn AllisonAug 9, 2018
Serena Williams Shares Post-Partum Struggles: Moms are "True Heroes"News StaffAug 9, 2018
Don't Chase the Symptoms of Thyroid Disease: Get to the Bottom of It! - Part 1Dr. Corinne WeaverAug 9, 2018
Heat Therapy Boosts Mitochondria Function in Muscles: Could be New Treatment for Chronic Health ConditionsNews StaffAug 8, 2018
Far East Mushrooms Offer Hope for Anti-Cancer TherapyNews StaffAug 8, 2018
New "Sweet Protein" Offers Hope for Diabetics: Discovering the Nigerian Plant, KatemfeBrian BlumAug 8, 2018
Not All Probiotics are Created Equal: How Much is Enough and What About Prebiotics?Lorie JohnsonAug 7, 2018
Tel-Aviv Scientists "Reign In" Lingering Cancer CellsJudy Siegel-ItzkovichAug 7, 2018
Is It Food Poisoning, or Something Else? How to Know and 5 Food Safety TipsDr. Josh AxeAug 7, 2018
World First! New Anti-Cancer Drug May Put Cancer to Sleep PERMANENTLYNews StaffAug 6, 2018
Dr. Oz: The Treatable Condition That's Often Misdiagnosed as Alzheimer'sDrs. Oz and RoizenAug 6, 2018
Antibiotics are Your Gut's #1 Enemy: Then There's Artificial Sweeteners, C-Sections and...Lorie JohnsonAug 6, 2018
New Discovery on How the Brain "Cleans Itself" Could Block Aging's Toll on the MindNews StaffAug 3, 2018
Build a Better Gut to Prevent Liver Disease, Cancer, Alzheimer's and MoreLorie JohnsonAug 3, 2018
How Practicing Gratitude Will Give You a Peaceful Heart and Nurture Healthy RelationshipsDr. Corinne WeaverAug 3, 2018
The Secret to a Thinner, Healthier You May Lie in a Newly Discovered BacteriaLorie JohnsonAug 2, 2018
Remembering Glen Campbell: His Wife Shares Her Brutally Honest Story of Caregiving During His Battle with Alzheimer'sM.B. RobertsAug 2, 2018
Start Your Morning Optimistic! Being Stressed About What Your Day MIGHT Bring Worsens Memory, Focus, ProductivityNews StaffAug 2, 2018
Clint Eastwood Sues; Claims He Was Swindled Out of These Medical PatentsClyde HughesAug 1, 2018
Dr. Oz: Should You be Screened for Ovarian Cancer?Drs. Oz and RoizenAug 1, 2018
Huge Breakthrough in Israel Offers "Great Promise" of Recovery From Spinal-Cord InjuriesAbigail Klein LeichmanAug 1, 2018
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