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Garlic Reduces Risk of Disease by Curbing InflammationLynn AllisonJan 22, 2019
Promising New Research to Stop Alzheimer's Disease and Heal Brain CellsDr. Don ColbertJan 22, 2019
What is "Clean Breathing" Water?News StaffJan 22, 2019
8 Health Hazards Caused by Lack of Vitamin DLynn AllisonJan 21, 2019
Symptoms of Omega-3 Deficiency and How to Overcome ItJillian Levy via Dr. Josh AxeJan 21, 2019
Are You Eating Garlic Wrong? Get the Most Health Benefits from GarlicDr. Don ColbertJan 21, 2019
Protect Yourself and Your Family From Radon in Your HomeNews Staff Jan 18, 2019
Paleo vs. Keto: Differences and What They Have in CommonDr. Josh AxeJan 18, 2019
Can Collagen Powder Improve Dry Winter Skin?Dr. Don ColbertJan 18, 2019
Boric Acid Uses and Remedies for Fungal, Yeast and Eye IssuesAnnie Price via Dr. Josh AxeJan 17, 2019
4 Tips to Help Prevent Rotator Cuff TearsNews StaffJan 17, 2019
Fat: The Good, the Bad and the UglyDr. Corinne WeaverJan 17, 2019
What You Need to Know About Medical, Non-Medical, Cannabis and Impaired DrivingNews StaffJan 16, 2019
Ultra-Sturdy Bones Found to Have a Surprising Origin: Discovery Could Bring Major New Osteoporosis TreatmentNews StaffJan 16, 2019
Celery Juice: Is This Hot "New Year's" Weight Loss Trend the Real Deal?Lorie JohnsonJan 16, 2019
"World's Most Perfect Food": Why Eggs are Back on the Breakfast Menu and Could Save Your LifeLorie JohnsonJan 15, 2019
Ebola Breakthrough! Universal Treatment Found to be Effective in Single DoseNews StaffJan 15, 2019
Health Claims on Food Labels: What's True and What Isn'tSally WadykaJan 15, 2019
IbuprofenAdvertisementJan 14, 2019
A Doctors Advice: "Living in a toxic free Environment"AdvertisementJan 15, 2019
The Brand of Dental Floss You Use Could Determine Levels of Toxic Chemicals in Your BodyNews StaffJan 14, 2019
Sweet Potatoes Fight CancerLynn AllisonJan 14, 2019
Alzheimer's Breakthrough? Essential Nutrient Could Fight Alzheimer's Now and For Generations to ComeNews StaffJan 14, 2019
The Best Diet for Diabetic NeuropathyDr. Michael GregerJan 11, 2019
Secrets of People Who Don't Get SickLynn AllisonJan 11, 2019
Healthier Salt SubstitutesDr. Michael GregerJan 11, 2019
The Sugar Detox Challenge: You Can Do It!Dr. Corinne WeaverJan 10, 2019
2,000% better than turmericPaid AdvertisementJan 10, 2019
Our Immune Systems Can be Used to Battle Against CancerJudy Siegel-ItzkovichJan 10, 2019
Why Computer Can be a Literal "Pain in the Neck"Lisa Owens VianiJan 10, 2019
CDC Tips for Making a Neti Pot SafeLynn AllisonJan 9, 2019
The Hidden Truth About Alcohol AbuseLynn AllisonJan 9, 2019
New Hope for Deadly Eye Cancer: "Christmas Berry" Plant Compound Could Fight Uveal MelanomaNews StaffJan 9, 2019
Men, Women Found to Have Opposite Genetic Alterations for DepressionBen RennerJan 8, 2019
Oranges Top Carrots at Preventing Macular Degeneration Terra MarquetteNews StaffJan 8, 2019
Our Bodies May Cure Themselves of Diabetes in the FutureNews StaffJan 8, 2019
Could This Widely Used Food Additive Cause Celiac Disease?News StaffJan 7, 2019
The Pros and Cons of Childbirth by Cesarean SectionJudy Siegel-ItzkovichJan 7, 2019
The Secret to a Thinner, Happier, Healthier New Year: Build a Better GutLorie JohnsonJan 7, 2019
Metabolic Syndrome Patients Need More Vitamin C to Break Cycle of Antioxidant DepletionNews StaffJan 4, 2019
8 Proven Health Benefits of Avocados, Plus Recipe for Keto-Zone GuacamoleDr. Don ColbertJan 4, 2019
Flu Season Kicks into High Gear: Here's the CDC Map of the Worst Outbreaks and Tips to Stay HealthyBenjamin GillJan 4, 2019
Gluten Free for Five Years and Loving It: Are You Up for the Challenge This New Year?Dr. Corinne WeaverJan 3, 2019
How "Dry January" Improves Sleep and Saves LivesNews StaffJan 3, 2019
Take Heart! Your Faith Can Improve Your HealthDr. Don ColbertJan 3, 2019
New Warning of Virus Sending Infants into Intensive CareLia EustachewichJan 3, 2019
This Ancient Herbal Supplement, Plus Probiotics, Shown to be The Secret to a Long, Healthy Life Ben RennerJan 2, 2019
The Right Supplements for ArthritisLynn AllisonJan 2, 2019
Bacteria in Ancient Irish Soil Halts Growth of Superbugs: Offers New Hope for Fighting Antibiotic ResistanceNews StaffJan 2, 2019
Are You a Woman Struggling With Depression? Try Getting Up EarlyBen RennerJan 1, 2019
Why So Many People are Turning to Essential OilsLorie JohnsonJan 1, 2019
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