Promising New Research to Stop Alzheimer's Disease and Heal Brain Cells

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Promising New Research to Stop Alzheimer's Disease and Heal Brain Cells

Dr. Don Colbert — Divine Health
Jan 22, 2019

This is BIG News!

The New Year has brought promising news for brain health.

Researchers from Yale just created and tested a drinkable cocktail of “designer molecules” that may stop the first pathological step of Alzheimer’s disease.

It may even restore memory to cells already affected.

This is big news for brain health.

A few days ago in the journal Cell Reports, investigators reported that molecules were identified that could interfere with the progression of healthy brain prion protein cells, to those with Alzheimer’s or other brain degenerative disease (1).

Amyloid beta peptides portions of a larger protein that has broken off and become diseased and destructive.

Once infected and folded, prion proteins resist healing and recycling like healthy proteins. Instead, they proliferate and cause a devastating cascade of degenerative events (3). These include:

  • The accumulation of brain plaques
  • An immune system response that is destructive to the brain
  • Damage of brain synapses

Together, these events lead to degeneration of brain function and structure, contributing to the formation of lethal sponge-like holes in the brain.


Knowing this, Yale researchers set out to find a molecule or combination of molecules that could halt this devastating interaction or prion protein with amyloid beta and progression that follows.

After studying tens of thousands of molecules they found that an old antibiotic that initially proved promising.

However, it was only effective after it decomposed into a polymer.

With this data in hand, they searched further and found small polymers that remained active and effective for use. What’s more, these polymers could also cross the blood-brain barrier.

Next, the researchers worked on the delivery of the polymers. They dissolved them into a drink to be consumed orally. They fed it to mice with a condition that mimics Alzheimer’s.

The results?

Amazingly, the brain synapses were repaired and memory was restored.

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