The Pros and Cons of Childbirth by Cesarean Section

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The Pros and Cons of Childbirth by Cesarean Section

Judy Siegel-Itzkovich — Breaking Israel News
Jan 7, 2019

An Israeli team examined whether an emergency cesarean procedure performed during normal labor after a long time of trying unsuccessfully to push the baby out also had a protective effect against future pelvic floor dysfunction.

(Israel) – [Breaking Israel News] "Pelvic floor" refers to a group of muscles that form a kind of hammock across the female pelvic opening. Normally, these muscles and the tissues surrounding them keep the pelvic organs – bladder, uterus, vagina, small bowel and rectum – in place. "Prolapse" is a descending or drooping of organs. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Women may develop pelvic floor problems in these muscles and tissues – mostly commonly following childbirth – and as they get older, pelvic organ prolapse and other pelvic floor disorders become more common. In Israel and many other countries, women of any age aren't very aware of such difficulties, but in others – Brazil, for example – women who have not developed weak pelvic floors often undergo preventive surgery to keep the organs in place.

There are ways to prevent pelvic floor prolapses: These include doing Kegel exercises (repeated contraction of muscles in the pelvic area to strengthen the muscles, or …

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