"Miracle Child": Boy Born "Without a Brain" is Absolutely Thriving Today

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"Miracle Child": Boy Born "Without a Brain" is Absolutely Thriving Today

Will Maule — Faithwire.com
Dec 25, 2018

A film called “Miracle Child” featuring the astonishing story airs on Canada’s CBC News Network on December 15.

(England) – [Faithwire.com] – When new parents Shelly and Rob Wall went in for their 20-week ultrasound, they were expecting to see a healthy baby boy. Instead, the British couple was met with the most horrifying news: Their baby had an array of complex medical conditions that meant he would likely not survive outside the womb.

Their child had spina bifida, a condition that prevents a baby’s spine from forming properly, which inevitably leads to defects in the spinal cord and bones of the spine. If that wasn’t bad enough, the couple’s unborn baby was also diagnosed with hydrocephalus, a condition which causes the skull to fill up with fluid.

Staggeringly, despite all the warnings from doctors to prepare for the worst, the couple’s son was born alive. Shortly after he arrived into the world, they named him Noah. Quickly, medics began to drain the liquid in his brain and assessed his overall condition. The family was devastated to learn that he had only had two percent of his brain matter.

Incredibly, however, Noah was able to eat and drink due to his brain stem bring intact. So, the family soldiered on.

Three years later, Noah continued to defy the odds. When he underwent a much-anticipated brain scan, the doctors were flabbergasted — his brain had grown exponentially. After three years, 80 percent of his brain matter had been restored.

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