There's No Guilt in Taking Care of Your Body! Set Your Health Goals and Then Work to Achieve Them

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There's No Guilt in Taking Care of Your Body! Set Your Health Goals and Then Work to Achieve Them

Dr. Corinne Weaver —
Nov 29, 2018

Make time for health. Your friends and family will thank you as they’ll get to spend time with a healthier, happier you. And your body will thank you too! What are you waiting for?

Since the end of the year is approaching, is there anything you wanted to do that did not get done? Today my husband and I are working on our “Vision Board.” We started doing this years ago and each year I look forward to it. He plans our family vacation time together all year. He has always loved structure which has helped me be a better planner but, of course, there is going to be some spontaneous behavior from me throughout the year because we need to have balance each year.

My personal aim for this article is to impart the knowledge required to realize how beneficial and enjoyable setting and achieving your health-related goals can become.

We also need to learn to change the conversation when it comes to “healthy eating” and fitness, lowering the barriers, and becoming aware of what we really want. Well-being is something that encompasses all facets of health - not merely the physical. But, before embarking on a journey to health, fitness, and overall improved well-being, it’s important to have a clear vision of what it is you want to achieve. Having a clear goal is an easy and effective way to help you get back on track when things hit a speedbump - and rest assured … at some point, they will.

Let’s get started!

Jot down the first 3 goals that come to mind today. For example, I remember setting a goal to lose 60 pounds. It seemed impossible for many years and then, when I achieved that goal 6 years ago, it felt amazing.

Take time to consider how your current practices might not be benefiting you and also the realities surrounding how best to incorporate your new lifestyle goals to fit. It comes down to awareness, factoring in what works, and letting go of what doesn’t.

What is the #1 area of your life right now holding you back from reaching and exceeding your health goals?

Today, there are so many misconceptions surrounding fitness, wellbeing, and weight loss practices in particular, that it can be easy to be led astray by inconsistent and unreliable facts.

Making ourselves aware of the truth (and also not allowing external social media to influence us) is the key to success in ignoring what’s not true and making sure the facts are maintained.

Myth #1: “Carbs. Carbs. Carbs.”

So many people give carbs a bad name. They are feared, they are avoided, and they are omitted as if they weren’t one of the most amazing sources of nourishment available. Carbs give us energy, they help break down proteins, they provide dietary fiber, they increase our memory capacity, and they can actually PREVENT weight gain!

All of this is well and good to say, but if we don’t eat the RIGHT kind of carbs in moderation, we’re pretty much setting ourselves up for failure. Being wise about the right kind of carbs to most benefit our lifestyle and help us achieve our goals can have lasting effects on our health.

An example of the carbs that help release energy over a longer period of time (and thus have a more lasting effect when eaten in the morning) are those such as oatmeal. Studies have proven that the energy released by eating oatmeal for breakfast proves more sustainable (and ultimately more effective) than energy released from consuming “short-release” carbohydrates such as white toast.

This is just one very simple and common example of how being wise about our health and wellness and knowing the facts can make all the difference when it comes to achieving goals.

Here is a great resource to provide you with genuine support and real information about setting goals related to health and wellness: Save it to your bookmark to access whenever you’re feeling a little low on motivation!

Myth #2: “Comparison is the Thief of Joy”

A “healthy lifestyle” looks different for everybody. Just as our bodies differ in shape, size, and composition, so do our lifestyles. Optimum health and weight will look very different for one person than it does for another and comparing ourselves is the first mistake we make in trying to achieve a more active, productive, and happier life.

Are you guilty of comparing yourself to others?

I can’t stress the importance of this enough: health and fitness are very personal things. As soon as you start to turn inward and assess YOUR lifestyle, YOUR goals, and YOUR experience, it can be refreshing to realize that nobody is responsible for your body or for your life other than you! Taking the reins can seem difficult when people around us are all going about their daily lives, seemingly completely oblivious to our struggles.

But therein lies the truth of it - everyone is going through their own journey and everyone is at different stages of this journey. Comparison only leads to discontent and negative emotions, so do your best to stop with the comparison. Focus on YOU!

Myth #3: “You must work out every day”

Ok, so this is not exactly a direct quote from anyone in particular, but I’m sure I’m not alone in having berated myself for missing a day or two of exercise or neglecting my gym membership, yoga mat, or running shoes for a short amount of time. The ironic truth here is that we NEED to rest our bodies.

Write out two or three “self-care” sentences you can tell yourselves when you’re feeling guilty for not having worked out. Before the negativity starts to get too strong, what can you tell yourself?

Before embarking on your workout for the day, take a second to check in with your body and ask yourself what you would most benefit from today. What form of exercise, for example. Don’t be afraid to talk to yourself!

The importance of “Rest”

When is the last time you took a rest day?

As soon as we master the mentality of giving ourselves a “rest day,” we can really begin to see the benefits of a regular fitness practice. Giving your body a chance to recharge, rest, and absorb the benefits of having moved for several days in a row  -- in ways that you might not be used to moving it, pushing it slightly further than it might be used to -- that’s when the “rest” becomes actual rest, and not just a guilty day off. There is no guilt in taking care of your body.

Becoming accountable for our body is so important. Setting goals is one thing, but really taking it upon ourselves to actually follow through on them and take responsibility for our body is key to achieving any of them.

Our bodies take responsibility for so much, leaving us with space to enjoy and experience life. The least we can do is take care of what we put into them and how much we move them. Being grateful for this and realizing how fortunate we are in having these things is key to maintaining health and happiness.

Know your personal preference

Do you hate the gym? Then don’t go. Run outside. Walk the long way to work. Take the stairs. Improving your health really can be as simple as making these kind of small changes. Just be aware of where you’re using and not using the energy you consume in the form of food.

What’s your favorite way to get active? HONOR THIS.

The spike of interest in health and well-being means that an overwhelming amount of new and creative fitness classes have now become widely available for everyone. If the traditional “Gym, Coffee, Meal Prep, Repeat” is not for you, then find your own thing!

You’ll feel even more fulfilled knowing that you’ve actively sought out your own unique form of moving your body!

I encourage you to do a quick Google search of alternative fitness classes in your area and share what you find.

The bottom line

In the end, it all comes down to moving your body in whatever way feels good for you and fits your lifestyle.

Setting goals is great and an effective way of clarifying what we want in order to begin. But I’ve found that the way I achieve whatever goal I’ve set for myself definitely affects how much I enjoy getting there.

A balanced “healthy lifestyle” means being able to continue to work, socialize and engage in our personal lives in a way that also makes room for optimum health. Poor health prevents us from enjoying everything else life has to offer. Without our health, all other aspects of life are dulled.

What things could you remove from your life that would help you more effectively achieve your goals? This can be tough to answer, so feel free to make a personal note!

Whether it’s ten or fifteen minutes, two hours, or even just a minute of becoming aware of yourself before you choose an unhealthy meal, make the time for fitness.

Make time for health.

Your friends and family will thank you as they’ll get to spend time with a healthier, happier you.

Your body will thank you. It will be stronger and able to experience more!

What are you waiting for? Go out there and start doing it!

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I hope my column speaks to you and you can wake up each morning with a purpose. What I do every day is a calling, and I give God the glory for allowing His gifts to work through me. I do believe in miracles, because I get to see them every day! For more information you can go to and sign up for my closed Facebook group #NoMoreMeds-Community for more healthy tips.

Keep Breathing,
Dr. Corinne Weaver


Dr. Corinne Weaver is a compassionate upper cervical chiropractor, educator, motivational speaker, mother of three, and internationally bestselling author. In 2004, she founded the Upper Cervical Wellness Center in Indian Trail, North Carolina. Over the last 13 years, she has helped thousands of clients restore their brain to-body function. When she was 10 years old, she lost her own health as the result of a bike accident that led to having asthma and allergy issues that she thought she would always have to endure. Then, after her first upper cervical adjustment at age 21, her health began to improve thanks to upper cervical care and natural herbal remedies. This enabled her to create a drug-free wellness lifestyle for herself and her family, and she also enthusiastically discovered her calling to help children heal naturally. 

Dr. Weaver was recently named one of Charlotte Magazine's "Top Doctors" in 2016 and is now a number-one internationally bestselling author to two books: Learning How to Breathe and No More Meds.

Upper Cervical Wellness Center is known for finding the root cause of health concerns through lifestyle changes, diagnostic testing, nutraceutical supplementation, and correction of subluxation (as opposed to just medicating the symptoms). The practice offers cutting-edge technological care at its state-of-the-art facility, including laser-aligned upper cervical X-rays, bioimpedance analysis (measures body composition), digital thermography (locates thermal abnormalities characterized by skin inflammation), and complete nutritional blood analysis, which is focused on disease prevention.

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