Need sleep? Silverite: For the "Rest" of Your Life
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Need sleep? Silverite: For the "Rest" of Your Life

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Nov 22, 2018

Silverite: for the "Rest" of Your Life
"and yes... it does include pillows"

As we struggle to accomplish everything we need to do each day... REST is often an unobtainable goal. As a busy mother, business woman, woman entrepreneur and a daughter of the King it was often my goal to see how MUCH I could get accomplished in a 24-hour period.

It wasn't until my health began to show the effects of "busy-ness" without "proper rest" that I started to pay attention. Why is it often so difficult for us to allow ourselves to just REST in HIM? If ever there was a term that speaks to God's plan for creation, it is rest. On the 7th day God rested from His labor in creating the world. He ordained that there be a weekly Sabbath for all mankind. He created us to need sleep each day. In the Year of Jubilee, even the land rested-what an example to us!

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I started to become educated on every aspect of what may benefit myself during this quest to achieve "blissful rest." Study after study shows the tremendous amount of toxic chemicals swirling around us each and every night... and sometimes coming directly from our very pillow... this is definitely not God's plan for us.

What I did discover is that our God has supplied us with every single tool in NATURE that our body requires for healthy REST.

Imagine, to my surprise I found the ANSWER was in a TREE. The most unique, large beautiful tree called the KAPOK tree i.e. "The Giving Tree." Its "giving" pods release a precious fiber often called "nature's cashmere". Soft yet supportive, moldable to the head and naturally moisture resistant. Therefore, with all its positive benefits it became the PERFECT fill for the Silverite pillow to rest upon at the end of the day.

No foam
No down
No chemical-laden materials

Only the loving fiber from a creation from "a good, good Father."

I had worked with liquid silver for many years and the wisdom to infuse it into 100% cotton fabric also resulted in a win-win. Our environment often contains bacteria, fungi and naturally occurring microbes which can be difficult to control. In each of our Silverite products we have infused genuine silver to add to the "peace of mind" we all aspire to achieve for our sleep haven.

As we marvel at the brilliance of our Lord and the uniqueness of each of us we acknowledge we are all created different shapes, sizes and genders. With respect to our "uniqueness" we created a pillow which is for every-BODY. It can be adjusted to each and every personal desire for fill with the zipper in the side of the pillow.

Here are just a few happy Silverite Pillow customers:

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"As a police officer with constant stress it often is difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep without waking up multiple times per night due to my head getting hot. I found myself sleeping through the night for the first time in a very long time with the Silverite pillow...and that was WITH a CPAP machine AND my head did not get hot at all."
–John from Michigan

"I have woken up every day for years with a stuffy head along with dry eyes. Since I have been sleeping on the Silverite pillow I no longer wake up feeling that way. I never knew a pillow with natural ingredients and the added benefit of silver could make such a difference."
–Julia from Minnesota

"As someone with broad shoulders it has been challenging to find a pillow which would fit exactly. I was able to adjust this pillow and it felt a lot like a pillow I remember when I was young. I was able to sleep better than I have in a long time."
–Joseph from Nashville

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Silverite's Perfect Bed Pillows are made to help each of us enjoy and benefit from the needed rest that is hardwired into our physical makeup.

Three things make that happen with Silverite's Perfect Bed Pillow technology:

Natural silky cotton-like fill called Kapok. Kapok filling is made from a sustainable natural resource, is hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and water/pest resistant.

Silver-infused 300 count fabric. Silver infusion makes the plush cotton fabric antimicrobial and antibacterial, promoting a healthy and safe night's sleep.

Adjustability for your personal comfort. Kapok is soft but supportive, and the design allows you to adjust the volume of Kapok in your pillow to create your own Perfect Pillow.

There is a reason that Silverite's Perfect Pillow is called just that: Perfect. That's because it is!

These same attributes are found in Silverite's Perfect Travel Pillow. Whether on an airplane or in the passenger seat of your car, the Perfect Travel Pillow will support your neck and head comfortably, and will protect you from microbes and bacteria that other lesser pillows cannot do.

Silverite's Perfect Pillow, or Perfect Travel Pillow are the perfect gift to give yourself, your pet, or someone you love...

For the REST of your life!

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Limited Supply for the Holidays – Get Yours Now!

30-day Guarantee on unopened and defective items.

*Note: You will not be ordering this item from Amazing Health Advances. Your order will be processed on the Silverite site. Please contact them directly with any order inquiries or questions about this product.

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