Dr. Sears: My 2-Minute Workout Makes New Mitochondria
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Dr. Sears: My 2-Minute Workout Makes New Mitochondria

Dr. Al Sears — To Your Good Health
Nov 21, 2018

The key to staying young is creating MORE mitochondria to produce more energy.

A brand-new study out of Australia supports what I’ve been telling my patients for more than two decades.

That two minutes of high exertion exercise is much healthier than the traditional aerobic workouts recommended by most doctors and so-called “experts.”

Let me explain…

As a regular reader you know that working out every day for 45 minutes is unnatural. Humans were simply not designed to endure that kind of prolonged exertion…

After all, for most of our existence “exercise” was all about hunting for food.

Our primal ancestors had to be able to accelerate to 100% of their energy capacity — FAST. Otherwise, they might become someone else’s dinner. They had to do the same thing to chase down their own food.

It was a tough life. But we were built for those kinds of challenges.

And we still are.

Your body is still perfectly adapted for a life and death struggle between predator and prey. But most fitness “experts” ignore that. They have you doing long, drawn-out sessions of cardio.

It’s not natural. And research shows that less is much more when it comes to working out. In fact, a couple of minutes of the right kind of exercise may be all you need.

Researchers at Victoria University in Australia compared eight young adult exercisers. The volunteers tried out three different workout plans.

For one, they rode a bicycle continuously for 30 minutes, but never at more than half of their max effort.

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