Breathing Through Your Nose is Better for Your Brain
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Breathing Through Your Nose is Better for Your Brain

News Staff — Karolinska Institute
Oct 29, 2018

“The idea that breathing affects our behavior is actually not new. In fact, the knowledge has been around for thousands of years in such areas as meditation. But no one has managed to prove scientifically what actually goes on in the brain. We now have tools that can reveal new clinical knowledge.” – Dr. Artin Arshamian

(Sweden) – Research into how breathing affects the brain has become an ever-more popular field in recent years and new methodologies have enabled more studies, many of which have concentrated on the memory. Researchers from Karolinska Institute now show that participants who breathe through the nose consolidate their memories better.

“Our study shows that we remember smells better if we breathe through the nose when the memory is being consolidated – the process that takes place between learning and memory retrieval,” says Artin Arshamian, researcher at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Karolinska Institute. “This is the first time someone has demonstrated this.”

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