The Missing Super-Food Group: We're Starving for It
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The Missing Super-Food Group: We're Starving for It

Dr. Al Sears — To Your Good Health
Oct 23, 2018

You can regain your primal nutrition by returning to a diet rich in this forgotten food group.

I have uncovered shocking evidence that our ancestors ate an entirely different food group than we do today… One that helped them to thrive in very challenging environments.

I call this the “missing” food group because it has pretty much disappeared from our modern diet.

And when it comes to optimal nutrition, we’ve simply been making do ever since. Let me explain…

Your body evolved to derive nutrients from almost every part of an animal. When your primal ancestors went hunting for a wooly mammoth and big cats, nothing of what they caught was wasted. They ate everything.

From nose to tail, brain to bones, they devoured it all. And it turned our ancestors into the humans we are today.

Even our grandparents and great-grandparents kept up some of this tradition. They didn’t just eat a steak or pork chop.

Stomach, tongue, heart, head, liver, feet, tail, ears, bone marrow… you name it, your grandparents or great-grandparents knew exactly what to do with it. This is the missing food group.

It’s what people today would call the “scraps.” It’s what we feed to the pigs and the dogs. Some of these forgotten superfoods include:

  • Organ meat
  • Bone marrow
  • Connective tissues
  • Cartilage
  • Skin
  • Entrails
  • Gristle
  • Oxtail
  • Pigs feet

But in today’s America, we’ve become so conditioned by our manufactured, manmade food supply that we’ve forgotten our own dietary heritage.

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