Truffle Salt Pros & Cons: Is Truffle Salt Good or Bad for Health?
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Truffle Salt Pros & Cons: Is Truffle Salt Good or Bad for Health?

Dr. Josh Axe — Food is Medicine
Sep 26, 2018

Do truffles taste good? That can be a matter of personal opinion, but many people find truffles to be absolutely delicious!

Truffles have been highly prized as a food culinary delicacy since the Classical era. With their pungent scent and flavor, the addition of truffles to any dish instantly makes it extra memorable.

Truffle salt is an easy way to add that incredible truffle flavor to any dish while seasoning it at the same time. What is truffle salt made out of? It’s typically salt and pieces of truffle, a type of fungus. This variety of fungus may be pretty rare in North America, but there is a booming truffle industry in France, which exports about a third of their truffles so the rest of the world can enjoy them.

I’m about to tell you all about the pluses and minuses of this tasty salt plus how to choose the best truffle salt along with some mouth-watering ways to start using it today!

What Is Truffle Salt?

What is truffle salt? Truffle salt is a seasoning salt. What is truffle salt made of? It contains salt along with small pieces of black and/or white truffles. If a “truffle salt” doesn’t contain bits of real truffles, then it’s not the real deal.

What is a truffle, and why are they so expensive? A truffle is an edible subterranean fungus. Truffles are in the genus Tuber, order Pezizales, phylum Ascomycota, and kingdom Fungi. Truffles can range in size from that of a pea to that of an orange.

Truffles are an expensive ingredient because they are not easy to farm. They require very specific growing conditions; they actually live inside tree roots (especially oak trees) so you can’t just plant a field of truffle seeds and wait for them to grow as you do with so many other crops. (1)

The most-valued truffle species are the winter white truffle (T. magnitude) and winter black truffle (T. melanosporum). There are several other edible truffles, such as the muscat black truffle (T. brumale), musky black truffle (T. brumale, variety moschatum), Chinese black truffle (T. indicum), Himalayan black truffle (T. himalayense), summer black truffle (T. aestivum), scorzone black truffle (T. aestivum, variety uncinatum) and autumn black truffle (T. mesentericum). (2)

What does truffle salt taste like? It’s earthy and pungent and is often described as having a musky garlic-like flavor. White truffle sea salt typically has a milder aroma and more subtle flavor than the black truffle sea salt. Sabatino truffle salt comes from Italy and is usually made with summer black truffles.

Is Truffle Salt Bad for You? Benefits and Risks 

Benefits of Truffle Salt

As with salt in general, not all truffle salts are created equal. You have to choose the right truffle salt if you want to reap any of its potential benefits.

First and foremost, you want to make sure that the salt base being used is high-quality, which means that it is definitely not conventional table salt. Second, you need to choose a truffle salt containing pieces of real whole truffles, not just truffle flavoring.

Is truffle good for you? Truffles definitely can provide impressive health benefits. Similar to other varieties of fungi, like mushrooms, truffles contain antioxidants and flavonoids that can help to fend off disease and boost overall health. Research has shown that truffles contain therapeutic compounds with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-mutagenic and anti-carcinogenic properties. (3)

We’re talking about some huge potential benefits right there. We know that inflammation is at the root of most diseases so the fact that truffles are anti-inflammatory is very significant. (4) Both truffles and mushrooms have also been found to have cholesterol-lowering, blood sugar-lowering and hepatoprotective (prevents liver damage) abilities. (5)

When you purchase truffle salt made with high-quality sea salt, then you are getting all those awesome sea salt benefits, which are known to include: (6, 78, 9)

  • High trace mineral content
  • Assists in avoiding dehydration and balancing bodily fluids
  • Great source of vital electrolytes
  • Maintaining proper brain, muscle and nervous system function

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