New Migraine Device Treats Attacks with Magnetic Pulses
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New Migraine Device Treats Attacks with Magnetic Pulses

Nick Tate — Newsmax Health
Apr 6, 2018

“Until now, migraine patients in the U.S. had to use multiple pharmaceutical products, each with potentially unpleasant side-effects, to manage both the challenge of preventing headache and treating acute headache attacks. STMS is now labeled to address the entire spectrum of migraine with an easy-to-use device, that in multiple clinical studies, has proven to be safe and effective.” – David K. Rosen

A new form of migraine treatment, using magnetic stimulation of the brain, has been shown to prevent attacks — cutting frequency of the sometimes-debilitating headaches by half.

The technique involves what’s known as single-pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation (STMS) — a technology developed by eNeura Inc., a medical technology company.

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