Coffee Flour: The Trendy New Gluten-Free Flour
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Coffee Flour: The Trendy New Gluten-Free Flour

Dr. Josh Axe — Food is Medicine
Feb 23, 2018

What is coffee flour?

If you’ve been to a supermarket recently, there’s no doubt you’ve seen the wide variety of flours available. These days, you can get your pick of wheat-free flours ranging from almond flour to cricket flour (yes, that kind of cricket!).

Now there’s a new one to try. Packed with nutrients, coffee flour is the newest gluten-free flour to hit the scene. Is it right for you?

What Is Coffee Flour?

So, what is coffee flour? There are actually two types of coffee flour. The first is made from coffee cherries. Coffee plants produce fruits known as cherries, which are edible. Cherries contain the coffee beans you’re already familiar with. But once the beans are extracted, the rest of the cherry is discarded. Until now, that is. Now, the leftover cherries are being ground into flour. This is how CoffeeFlour™, a trademarked brand, is made.

The second type of coffee flour is probably closer to what you had in mind when hearing “coffee flour.” See, coffee beans have a ton of antioxidants in them, but the high-heat roasting process, which turns them into the beans you know and love, removes much of those benefits ­— we’re talking about half. (1)

To retain more of the good stuff, in this second method, coffee beans are roasted at about 300F instead of the usual 425–450F. This dries the beans out a bit, making them easier to turn into flour, while also sanitizing them and ridding them of a super bitter, coffee-y taste. (2) What’s left is par-baked coffee flour, perfect for including in your favorite recipes.

Though this kind of flour isn’t readily available yet, it’s likely on the way to shelves soon.

4 Benefits of Coffee Flour                     

Coffee flour definitely sounds cool, but is it actually beneficial? While you probably know about some of coffee nutrition facts, what about coffee flour? Here’s why you might want to add coffee flour to your pantry. (Please note, this is for cherry-made coffee flour).

1. It’s low in fat.

Cutting back on fat? Coffee flour has about half the fat as traditional flour. (3) But if you already stick to just gluten-free flours, it’s a welcome change as well. Most gluten-free flours tend to be high in fat because they’re made from seeds and nuts. Coffee flour is lower in fat than almond and coconut flours, the most widely used grain-free flours.

Of course, if you’re following a keto diet, low-fat flour isn’t a concern. But if you prefer getting your fats from other sources, like avocados or coconut oil, coffee flour is a nice alternative.

2. It’s packed with fiber.

One of the key selling points for coffee flour is that it’s packed with fiber. Just one tablespoon has 5.2 grams of fiber, including 1.8 grams of soluble fiber and 3.4 grams of insoluble fiber.

A high-fiber dietis what you want. Soluble fiber slows down digestion by attracting water. This is the kind of fiber that helps you lose weight, because it keeps food from digesting too quickly, helping you to feel full for longer. Insoluble fiber, on the other hand, bulks up your stool, helping to keep you going to the bathroom regularly. Ideally, you want both types of fiber, and coffee flour brings it.

3. It’s more sustainable.

One of the cool parts about coffee flour is that it gives a second life to parts of the coffee plant that are normally discarded once the bean is removed. On average, 100 to 200 pounds of coffee cherries produce 20 to 40 pounds of beans. (4) That’s a significant amount of fruit that usually isn’t used.

4. It’s versatile.

While coffee flour can replace only between 10–20 percent of normal flour in recipes, it’s slightly nutty taste goes well with a lot of baked goods, like muffins, cakes, cookies and pastries. You can even add a tablespoon to your morning smoothie for a fiber boost and extra flavor.

What Diets Coffee Flour Works With

The good news is that coffee flour works with pretty much any diet. Vegan, Paleo, gluten-free, vegetarian — coffee flour fits into all these diets. Best of all...

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