Handheld Probe Will Improve Results of Cancer Surgery
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Handheld Probe Will Improve Results of Cancer Surgery

Sylvia Booth Hubbard — Newsmax Health
Jul 5, 2017

"The probe we've designed enables detection of nearly 100 percent of cancer cells in the brain. This is a very important advance. We've also been able to demonstrate the effectiveness of our technology in treating other forms of cancer. This means that more patients will benefit from better diagnosis, more effective treatment, and lower risk of recurrence." -- Dr. Frédéric Leblond

A handheld probe used during surgery to detect tumor cells will allow cancer patients to enjoy longer, healthier lives: Canadian researchers have developed a probe that can reliably identify multiple types of cancerous cells in real time during surgery. It detects virtually all brain cancer cells during surgery. (Photo Credit: Creative Commons Images)

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