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Irma Aftermath: Coping With Long-Term Impacts of Natural Disasters

Sep 22, 2017
Lynn Allison

“When our brains perceive that we don’t have enough resources to cope with our current demands, it triggers a cascade of reactions and rampant hormones in the body designed to help us short term to run away or fight off danger. However, if we don’t mobilize these reactions in some way to turn into a positive direction, they [end] up flooding our system for too long and become toxic.” -- Dr. Heidi Hanna

[Newsmax] When major disasters like Hurricanes Harvey and Irma strike, the first priority is to keep people safe. This process involves dramatic evacuations, searches, and rescues, with millions witnessing heart-breaking images on live and social media...


5 Things You Can Do to Reduce Your Risk of Colorectal Cancer

Sep 22, 2017
Diane Mapes

"The findings … are robust and clear. Diet and lifestyle have a major role in colorectal cancer." — Dr. Edward L. Giovannucci

(Seattle, WA) — [Fred Hutch] Cancer can often seem like an arbitrary bombshell that drops out of nowhere and nonchalantly blows up your life. And it’s true: many cancer questions remain unanswered — especially with regard to cause and cure. (Photo Credit: Illustration by Kimberly Carney / Fred Hutch News Service)

But we also have a lot of answers when it comes to reducing your cancer risk. We know definitively that smoking causes a host of cancers. Ditto for smokeless tobacco and environmental hazards like asbestos...


Nice Gift! Selena Gomez Gets Kidney from Her BFF

Sep 22, 2017
Lorie Johnson

"I honestly look forward to sharing with you, soon, my journey through these past several months as I have always wanted to do with you. By grace through faith." -Selena Gomez

[CBN News] Pop music sensation Selena Gomez shocked her fans by revealing she had a kidney transplant this summer. Equally surprising, the person who sacrificially donated one of her kidneys to Gomez was none other than her good friend, actress Francia Raisa, who is best known for her work in "The Secret Life of the American Teenager." (Photo Credit: CBN News)

The 25-year-old Gomez posted a picture of the two recovering from the surgery, smiling at each other and holding hands in side-by-side hospital beds. The caption read, "There aren't words to describe how I can possibly thank my beautiful friend Francia Raisa," said Gomez...


Better Health Through Better Partnerships: Meet the New Surgeon General

Sep 21, 2017
Amber C. Strong

“During his tenure and mine, Indiana was rocked by the worst opioid fueled HIV epidemic ever to hit rural America. And as we confronted this crisis, it was Dr. Jerome Adams who led from the front, who provided me and my team with expert advice,” – Vice President Mike Pence

(Washington, DC) — [CBN News] The U.S. has a new surgeon general.  Dr. Jerome Adams, an anesthesiologist from Maryland, officially took office Tuesday. (Photo Credit: CBN News)

Vice President Mike Pence worked alongside Adams during his time as Governor of Indiana...


'Reprogrammed' Stem Cells Fight Parkinson's

Sep 21, 2017
News Staff

"This is extremely promising research demonstrating that a safe and highly effective cell therapy for Parkinson's can be produced in the lab," said Tilo Kunath of the MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine, University of Edinburgh.

[Newsmax] Scientists have successfully used "reprogrammed" stem cells to restore functioning brain cells in monkeys, raising hopes the technique could be used in the future to help patients with Parkinson's disease...


Can Dehydration Affect Our Mood?

Sep 21, 2017
Dr. Michael Greger

There’s a simple self-test to see if you’re dehydrated.

[] Water is by far the number-one nutrient in our diet. Studies have suggested that proper hydration may lower our risk of heart disease and cancer, and may even make us better kissers. Brushing artificial skin against the lips of young women, researchers found that hydrated lips showed greater sensitivity to light touch. (Photo Credit: Flickr)

Although it is well known that water is essential for human survival, it’s only recently that we have begun to understand its role in the maintenance of brain function. It makes sense. Our brain is 75% water...


What Three Steps Can You Take Today to Improve Your Mood?

Sep 20, 2017
Dr. Corinne Weaver

Why I am starting out my first column with improving your mood? Well, as a kid who was sick all the time and as a frustrated parent with a sick kid, I know that it's hard to be happy. We seem to always concentrate on the problems and not the solutions. I want you to be able to reread this column many times and remind yourself of these simple steps you can use to improve your mood so that you don't go mentally insane while dealing with sickness.

Twelve years ago, my mom was diagnosed with Stage 5 glioblastoma brain cancer and was given three months to live. Even though we eventually did lose her to cancer, she was able to live three years instead of three months. During that challenging time, I learned a lot about how to improve my mood. (Photo Credit: Dr...


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