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Hazelnuts "Represent a Multivitamin in a Natural Form"

Dec 14, 2018
News Staff

“Vitamin E and magnesium are two of the most under-consumed micronutrients in the U.S. population, and there's much more to hazelnuts than what we analyzed here. They're also a great source of healthy fats, copper and B6.” -- Maret Traber

(Corvallis, OR) – Older adults who added hazelnuts to their diet for a few months significantly improved their levels of two key micronutrients, new research at Oregon State University indicates.

In the study, 32 people age 55 and older ate about 57 grams of hazelnuts - 2 ounces or about one-third cup - daily for 16 weeks.

Results showed increased blood concentrations of magnesium and elevated urinary levels of a breakdown product of alpha tocopherol, commonly known as vitamin E.

The findings, published in the Journal of Nutrition, are important because many Americans do not eat adequate amounts of either micronutrient. Older adults are at particular risk - lower concentrations of the micronutrients are associated with increased risk of age-related health problems including Alzheimer's disease.

"This is one of the first times a study of this type has focused only on older adults," said co-author Alex Michels, a researcher at OSU's Linus Pauling Institute...


Stop Drinking Coffee First Thing in the Morning!

Dec 14, 2018
Lauren Cahn

Consuming caffeine while our bodies are already at peak cortisol-production teaches the body to produce less cortisol, according to chronopharmacologists who study the way drugs (such as caffeine) interact with our body’s natural biological rhythms … continue reading...


8 in 10 Adults Lie to Their Doctors About Their Health

Dec 14, 2018
Ben Renner

“Most people want their doctor to think highly of them. They’re worried about being pigeonholed as someone who doesn’t make good decisions.” -- Dr. Angela Fagerlin

(Salt Lake City, UT) – Despite the guaranteed confidentiality and even though it could potentially put one’s health at risk, a new study finds that as many as eight in 10 people lie to their doctors about their health.

Researchers conducted two surveys and discovered that about 80 percent of younger and middle-aged adults aren’t completely honest with their physicians, while about 60 percent of baby boomers misrepresent themselves. What’s more, about a third of respondents admitted they didn’t speak up when they didn’t agree with their doctor’s treatment plan or recommendation.

“If patients are withholding information about what they’re eating, or whether they are taking their medication, it can have significant implications for their health. Especially if they have a chronic illness,” says the study’s first author, Andrea Gurmankin Levy, an associate professor in social sciences at Middlesex Community College in Connecticut, in a news release.

Results were based on two surveys...


Bell Peppers to Ward Off Parkinson's?

Dec 14, 2018
Dr. Michael Greger

What’s crazy is, there’s a link between bell peppers and smoking cigarettes.

Parkinson’s disease is a movement disorder striking 1 percent of our older population and is the 14th leading cause of death in the United States. While we don’t really know what causes it, we do know that people with a smoking history only appear to have about half the risk. Of course, “[s]moking is hugely damaging to health; any benefit derived from a reduction in risk of Parkinson’s disease is outweighed by the increased risks of cancer and cardiovascular disease,” as well as lung disease, but this shouldn’t stop us from “evaluating tobacco components for possible neuroprotective effects.”

Nicotine may fit the bill. If nicotine is the agent responsible for the neuroprotective effects, is there any way to get the benefit without the risks? That’s the topic of my video more)

5-Step Guide to Keto Zone Restaurant Dining

Dec 13, 2018
Dr. Don Colbert

Eating out this Holiday Season? Enjoy it. Lose the anxiety, make good choices, and feel confident when Keto Zone restaurant dining!

Eating out can cause some anxiety when striving to stay in the Keto Zone.

But, it doesn’t have to be hard.

In fact, with consumer demand for healthier and low-carb options, many restaurants feature keto zone-friendly meals and are willing to accommodate alterations (1).

Eating out should still be fun, relaxing, and delicious in the keto zone.

Here are 5 Steps to Keto Zone Restaurant Dining, and options for different cuisines:


Step 1: Drinks, anyone? Start with water, sparkling water, tea, coffee, or another non-sugary drink (there may be stevia-based options). Avoid soft drinks, lemonades, or sugary-alcoholic drinks.

Step 2: If choosing an appetizer, order a salad or meat and cheese plate (sans crackers). The best dressing option is olive oil and vinegar. Or, carry your own small keto zone dressing with you.

Step 3: Time for the main course...


"I'm Dreaming of a Calm Christmas": Great Tools to Help You Not Only Cope with the Holidays, but ENJOY Them!

Dec 13, 2018
Dr. Corinne Weaver


All of us are in the same boat right now, but think back to your childhood. Holidays were ALWAYS filled with joy, excitement, and fun. So, when and why did things change?

A survey conducted by Consumer Reports National Research Center in which they asked people what they dread most about the holiday season. The results are exactly what you would expect:

68%: Crowds and long lines

37%: Gaining weight

37%: Getting into debt

28%: Gift shopping

25%: Traveling

24%: Seeing certain relatives

16%: Having to attend holiday parties or events

15%: Having to be nice (I am assuming this means being nice to people you do not like - LOL)

12%: Holiday tipping

But instead of the negativity, what about the joy associated with this time of year? I mean, is it possible to make all of the above FUN and yet also filled with HEALTH?

Maybe I am idealistic, but I do believe it is possible to maintain your health while remaining stress-free during the holidays...


This Holiday Season Say "NO" to Raw Dough! Plus, Cake Mix Recall

Dec 13, 2018
News Staff

Cake Mix Recall

Do not bake recalled Duncan Hines cake mixes, or eat cake or batter made with them. Return them to the store for a refund or throw them away. Find out how to identify the recalled mixes on the CDC Salmonella website.

Follow these safety tips to help you and your loved ones stay healthy when handling raw dough.

There are many special occasions through the year that are perfect to spend time with loved ones while preparing delicious baked foods in the kitchen. Follow these safety tips to help you and your loved ones stay healthy when handling raw dough.

When you prepare homemade cookie dough, cake mixes, or even bread, you may be tempted to taste a bite before it is fully cooked. But steer clear of this temptation—eating or tasting unbaked products that are intended to be cooked, such as dough or batter, can make you sick. Children can get sick from handling or eating raw dough used for crafts or play clay, too.

Raw Dough Can Contain Bacteria That Cause Disease

Flour is typically a raw agricultural product. This means it hasn’t been treated to kill germs like Escherichia coli (E. coli)...


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